Music is one of the biggest victims of piracy. We use the safest watermarking technology, MSI, which is widely used across the UK and USA on physical CD. It is the preferred method of watermarking by Universal Music worldwide.

Watermarking is the process of embedding an inaudible code throughout the audio. This cannot be removed by any process, including format conversion (in both the digital & analogue domain). The audio would have to be significantly damaged (therefore unusable) to remove the watermark. This makes it the safest way to protect your work.

Watermarking thus enables you to distribute pre-release material to management, press, radio stations etc with the request that the recipient does not copy or illegally distribute it on the web.


With our state-of-the-art duplication suite we can fulfil large orders of CDRs within 24 hours. All CDRs come with full on-body printing, high quality black and white or colour inlay card artwork and a plastic wallet.

Our in-house designers can also assist with the design of your artwork. We can arrange for your CDRs to be delivered in full colour cardboard wallets as well as full scale manufacture of your music. 



MediaDISC Masters has established an international reputation for mastering regularly taking bookings from America, Japan, Australia and many other countries.

Our award-winning engineers have mastered numerous top ten hits and Grammy-nominated projects. Our studios are fitted with cutting-edge technology, consistently upgraded to deliver results of the highest standard. We combine our experience and expertise with an accessible and personal service, and whatever your role in the music creation process or whatever stage your music career is at, you can be sure that we will provide you with the best possible sonic result for your recordings.

Studio CDN

StudioCDN is a fast, dependable, user-friendly system designed to quickly and securely deliver media and other files of almost any size and format.

Powerful and reliable, StudioCDN allows you to transfer music, video, images and more with security, confidence, and drag-and-drop ease of use. StudioCDN's lightweight client application utilises our native, state-of-the-art technology, insuring not only fast delivery, but a secure, fully-trackable transfer.